Business Term Loans

Get the financing your business needs…when you need it.

Whether you need cash for equipment, property purchases, supplemental working capital, or anything else, we can custom create the right plan for you. Our flexible terms, competitive rates, and knowledgeable staff come universal with any and all business needs.


Business Term Loan Experience:

  • Local, friendly, in personal relationship management
  • Online loan payments available to save time
  • Cash management sweep option available to pay down balance
  • Local decision-making and processing
  • Helpful team of Local Bankers that will help you with your financing needs
  • Service customized to you
  • Variety of loan types:
    • Owner-Occupied Property
    • Machinery & Equipment
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Working Capital
    • Construction Lending
    • Business Acquisition
    • Investment Property
    • Home Building
  • Competitively low rates

Additional terms and conditions or fees may apply to the product described. Please contact us or visit one of our branches for full account details.