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Additional information regarding our partnership with Park National Bank is included in this guide.  

The Highlights:

  • What: On July 1, NewDominion becomes a divisional bank of the Park National Family of Community Banks. Our name, mission, vision, core values and commitment to banking handcrafted will not change.  
  • Why:  By sharing operational and administrative resources with Park National, we'll be able to focus even more attention on our clients and provide enhanced products and services.
  • The impact: This fall we'll roll out a new suite of products and services to align with the current offerings of Park National Bank. We'll provide comprehensive information on any changes and enhancements that will take place.    

If you still have questions after reviewing the below information, please reach out to your local banker or send us an email!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics:

  • Why is NewDominion Bank joining the Park National Family of Community Banks?
    • The merger will allow us to be able to make an even greater impact to the financial lives of our clients and within our community – all while staying committed to the Carolinas and to our company’s mission, vision and core values. 
    • By joining the Park National Family of Community Bankswe will be able to provide enhanced products and services to our clients, such as 24/7 client support, higher lending limits, broader product offering, and specialized lending expertise.
  • Will you be changing your name?
    • No.  We will remain NewDominion Bank.  You'll notice our same logo will now include "Division of The Park National Bank." 
  • Can you tell me more about Park National Bank?
    • The Park National Family of Community Banks is a group of strong, successful community banks in Ohio and now the Carolinas.  The banks collaborate to provide a unique service experience for clients of any Park National banking division.  By sharing operational and administrative resources, each community bank remains competitive with sophisticated technology and service capabilities.  Park is committed to keeping a steadfast focus on personalized service and community involvement. 
    • Park National was #42 on Forbes’ 2016 list of the 100 Best Banks in America. 
    • Learn more at
  • Will you stay committed to our local community?
    • Definitely!  Park National Bank is just as committed to their communities as NewDominion has been over the years.  Follow us on social media to see how our company and employees are consistently impacting our community across the Carolinas.
  • Will the location and/or hours of your branches change?
    • Our locations and hours of operations will remain the same. Plus, if you're traveling to Ohio, you will be able to use any Park National Bank as well.  You can find those locations here.  
  • Is your local management team changing?
    • All members of our executive team will remain leaders of our company.  Their roles may shift throughout the next few months but they will all play a critical part to the success of our bank.

Your Accounts:

  • How will my accounts be affected?
    • At this time, there will be no change to your NewDominion accounts. You will continue to enjoy the same banking handcrafted account benefits.  Account numbers for select clients will change in July (see question below) and updates to all accounts will occur in November.  We are committed to providing you with consistent and clear communication on all updates.
  • Will there be enhancements to my accounts?
    • Your products and services will continue to be the same until NewDominion and Park National’s systems are consolidated in November. At that time, new features will include 24/7 client support (online and phone), online account opening and more. We will be in touch with additional information well in advance of the conversion to the Park National operating system. Our commitment to banking handcrafted will not change!
  • Will my account number change?
    • Select clients will receive new account numbers due to duplication with Park National Bank.  Those clients will be contacted in July; we will assist clients through the process and ensure there are no disruptions to transactions. If you don't hear from us over the summer, that means your account number has not been affected.   
  • Can I continue to use my NewDominion checks?
    • Yes. You may continue to use your NewDominion checks and deposit slips until you hear differently from us.  
  • Can I continue to use my current ATM or Debit Card?
    • Yes. You can continue to use your current ATM or debit card. When our operating systems are combined this fall, you will receive a new debit or ATM card. More information will be provided over the next few months.
  • Will my drafts and direct deposits continue without interruption?
    • At this time, there is no need to change direct drafts or direct deposits to your NewDominion Bank accounts. These should continue as normal until you hear differently from us.  At that time we will provide clear instructions and necessary forms.
  • What will happen to my Certificate of Deposit (CD)?
    • All certificate of deposit (CD) accounts will continue with their current terms and conditions. When the CD matures, we will contact you if the CD product is no longer available.
  • Will my deposit accounts be covered by FDIC insurance?
    • If you have $250,000 or less in all of your deposit accounts at NewDominion Bank and Park National, your Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance coverage will not be impacted. If you have any concerns about your deposit insurance coverage, let us know and we'll make sure you are aware of products and services that may address your concern.
    • If you hold deposit balances greater than $250,000 combined at the two banks, your FDIC insurance coverage may be impacted.  We will contact you separately to review this information.

Your Loans:

  • Will there by any impact to my existing loans?
    • The terms and conditions of your existing loans will remain the same.  
    • Continue making your payment as you normally would.  If there are changes to the payment process, we will notify you in advance.  


  • If I am a NewDominion Bank shareholder, how do I convert my stock?
    • You should have received a mailing on the stock conversion from the transfer agent, Broadridge, in early June. We recommend you contact Broadridge directly with questions (1-855-793-5068).    

Still have questions?  

Contact your local banker or send us a note!