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Lost or Stolen Card

Lost or Stolen Card

If your card has been lost or stolen, call us immediately at 1-800-592-6248 between the hours of 8:30am - 5:30pm EST.

After our normal operating hours, please call 1-866-546-8273 to report a lost or stolen ATM or Debit card.

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Is the card lost or stolen?
  • Financial institution name
  • Is the card a Debit card or an ATM card?
  • Caller's name
  • Immediate Contact Phone Number
  • Cardholder's Name
  • Cardholder's Address
  • Cardholder's Phone Number
  • Card Number
  • Account Number (if card number is not known)
  • Date the card was lost or stolen
  • Last transaction's date and time

Your information will be logged and your card will be "Hot Carded" and placed on the MasterCard warning list.