Personal Savings Account & Certificates of Deposit

Numerous personal savings options available.

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My Piggy Bank

Set a strong foundation for your children by starting to save early. Children learn the value of money while actively saving at the same time with My Piggy Bank.

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Thrive Money Market Account

Attain serious savings and retain access to your funds at the same time. Earn competitive interest, then watch it increase as your balance does with the Thrive money market account.

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Evolve Money Market Account

Put your money in an account that earns great interest, gives you access to your money, and is smart enough to evolve when the financial world around you changes.

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Pursuit Savings Account

Pursuit savings is all about pursuing your savings goals and making your dreams a reality! With a $0 monthly service fee and $0 minimum balance requirement, you can start saving today!

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Certificates of Deposit

Add savings while reducing temptation with a fixed rate CD. CDs are available in a variety of terms with locked-in interest rates for extra guarantee.

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Bump Rate Certificates of Deposit

Start building long-term savings with low-risk. Our Bump Rate CDs will give you the opportunity to take advantage of a rate “bump” during your CD term!

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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Make your retirement years relaxing by starting to save early. We offer Traditional and Roth IRA plans, each with tax advantages, to help make that happen.

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