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Free Eco-Friendly bag when you open a new personal checking account

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Bump Into Serious Savings.

Start building long-term savings with low-risk. Our Bump Rate CDs will give you the opportunity to take advantage of a rate “bump” during your CD term!

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Banking Handcrafted.

Each story is distinctive; it’s meaningful to the lives that it influences. We believe an individual’s journey should be tailored specifically to them. Banking Handcrafted is our pursuit— we construct a solution that is customized to you.

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Your business. Your rules.

As experts in banking, we are trained to be craftsman. We are equipped with the skills and attention to detail to innovate and be the financial solution for your business. Start exploring your business's options with NewDominion today!

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Bank Local. We're where you live, work and play.

We strive to enhance our community in the Carolinas by being the local bank for pursuing dreams, enabling job growth, and molding financial health. Our vision is to create a handcrafted solution for your financial journey. 

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